Testimony from Jarrod at Queensland Police Headquarter (16th February 2024)

Testimony from Sak Kiong Lee, Kuching, Sarawak, East Malaysia (29th September 2020)

Good evening everyone, my name is Sak Kiong Lee from Kuching, Sarawak, East Malaysia. I joined ZZDZ Association as a volunteer in March,2018 when my health was not in good shape .

12 years ago I constantly suffered from  knee joint pain so Doctor at hospital prescribed strong pain killers and calcium tablets at each consultation visits .After several consultations, Doctor repeatedly asked me to operate on my knee which I repeatedly refused as I can still walk.

A couple days ago, I attended a follow up consultation at the hospital waiting for my turn from early morning until noon time and was happy to meet my Chinese Doctor . He asked me straight away if I still refuse to operate on my knee in which I replied ‘YES’ as I can still walk. Doctor then applied pressure on my knee and comment condition was very good and should have no problem for next several years .

He also recommended me to exercise more and he would stop prescribing strong pain killers which I have been worrying it’s harmful to my kidney taking for more than 10 years, so I was deeply delighted not to take any more pain killers.

Through ZZDZ energy healing ,my health and immune system improved to the extent of knee joint not deteriorating ,I also no longer suffer from headaches/ migraine. Sincerely grateful to Buddha ,Coco, Andy and Angela for sharing Buddha ZZDZ energy healing to Kuching residents


Testimony from Yin Chi Shao, Chiayi City, Taiwan (28th September 2020)

Yesterday I went home and parked the car in a mechanical compartment. My son said: The door cannot be opened. In an instant, the whole car went down within only 2 seconds. The technician who repaired my car today said: We are lucky, if the door is opened, or the car is halfway in, then not good. Thanks to the bless from “Hu Fa Jin Gang” Buddha, both us and the car are safe.




Testimony from Eng Chong Huang, Chiayi City, Taiwan (15th September 2020)

My name is Eng Chong Huang from Chiayi, Taiwan. Today I had lunch at a hot pot restaurant with my partner. Afterwards, I returned home and felt sick in the stomach. Sharp pains continued in my abdominal area every 5 to 10 minutes, which made me considering to get an ambulance. However, going to the hospital would mean missing an important meeting at night so I endured the pain. Even before the meeting, I was still in pain.  
In my distress, my lucky star ZZDZ’s volunteer Mr Shao Yin Chi appeared. After receiving ZZDZ’s volunteer Yin Chi Shao’s energy healing session, I was relieved from the abdominal pain which tormented me for 5 hours. After the energy healing, I was no longer in pain. It was though a bright light shined away the darkness.
I am very grateful for the compassion of ZZDZ’s “Hu Fa Jin Gang” Buddha, relieving my body of suffering. Once again, I experienced firsthand with the miracle work of ZZDZ


Testimony from A Hee, Kuching, Sarawak, East Malaysia (15th August 2020)

Hello everyone, I am A-Hee, from Kuching Malaysia. I have joined “Zi Zai Dong Zen Association Inc” as a volunteer since March 2018.
Through energy healing, I have learned to be punctual, patient, forgiving, and learnt to accept other people’s shortcomings.  Also learnt to think from the other person’s point of view before taken the actions, in turn filled myself with positive energy all the time.
From the health perspective, my blood pressure has stabilised since I became a volunteer.  On top of that, my immune system has strengthened while the duration of being sick has decreased.  My temper has got significantly better, somehow I have become more handsome as well   It’s just that I’m a little bit chubby, but healthy and happy in a good way I used to be rather active, but since I learnt to do energy healing, I started looking inwardly and be grateful of everything that has happened to me, either good or bad.
More importantly, I’m so blessed to have met all the fellow friends in the association.  It’s so good to have you guys, I love you, love the world, love peace, and love all things in life.
Thank you “Hu Fa Jin Gang Buddha” 
Thank you Angela for introducing such a wonderful energy healing method to Kuching
Thank you for all the Zi Zai Dong Zen Association Inc. volunteers around the world, love you all

Testimony from Linda Kung, Kuching, Malaysia (12th July 2020)

I’m Linda from Kuching. I always have trouble sleeping at night due to a painful soreness on my calves. It usually starts as a prickling sensation before developing to painful soreness. The doctors says that my sciatic nerves would be the reason for my condition. As a result, I have to apply medical creams or medicated plasters to get relief. 
My god mother upon hearing my condition, recommended me to try out energy healing at ZZDZ. I remember my first energy healing session, the volunteer’s hands felt warm and were vibrating. After the session, one of the volunteers help me do some stretching exercises. 
A miracle happened that night! I slept through the night without any pain!I continued energy healing sessions over the next few days and my calve condition never came back. This made me a firm believer and want to explore this more. I practiced ZZDZ energy healing diligently, had my Chakras opened and my subconcious activated. As of today, I am a volunteer at ZZDZ doing energy healing on others. I am grateful to ZZDZ for sharing this energy healing practice.

Ever since I have started practicing ZZDZ energy healing , my symptoms have gone and my immune system have gotten stronger. Everytime I feel something a miss, I would sit down meditate and do energy healing on myself.
I would say ZZDZ energy healing practice is very simple and benefits everyone through the cultivating the mind, body and spirit.  

Thank you Buddha, Coco, Andy and volunteers of ZZDZ. Wish you all in good health, wisdom and happiness.

Testimony from Meng Di Tsci (27th February 2020)

Dear brothers and sisters,

I’m writing this testimonial to thank you for your assistance towards my eldest brother (Meng Di) who was admitted to Chiayi Chang Gung hospital in Taiwan for 3 months and 27 days with pancreatitis in October,2019 but was finally discharged in February this year .
During the onset of the disease while in intensive care unit (ICU), specialist performed emergency rescue ,kidney and lungs failure, abdominal infection caused by rupture of the large intestine, so Doctor diagnosed my brother with less than 30% of survival rate . 
His Conditions continued to deteriorate after 1 month of staying in ICU and whole families lives in fear of losing him every day which is instilled by specialist for us to prepare for the worst .
As last resort Meng Di had abdomen surgery to clean infected abdomen with antibiotics and was transferred to surgical ICU .
While in surgical ICU,our Aunty (Jennifer) contacted ZZDZ volunteer (Shao) to visit and do Energy healing for Meng Di,followed by 4 other volunteers maintaining 4 energy healing sessions per day at 6 hours interval which shows an improvement in Meng Di’s recovery.
Surgical ICU Doctors and nurses said Meng Di remarkable recovery to be discharge is very rare considering he had very complicated illness.
Meng Di is recovering well at home after 4 months of lying in hospital,he is receiving rehabilitation to strengthen his muscle.
In May Meng Di will return to hospital for another surgery to repair large intestine and if successful, he will live like a normal person. 
Despite this ,Doctor make it clear recovery will also depend on his own health and immunity.
At same time with ZZDZ volunteers continuous energy healing, Meng Di was able to recover faster and prevent spread of infection.
Seeing my brother successfully been discharged from hospital makes me realise and appreciate the mysterious power of energy healing .
Sincerely grateful and thankful to ZZDZ volunteers

Testimony from Ka Po , Hong Kong (19th December 2019 )

This is another feeling of my Energy hearing. Since my chakra released in June this year, I suddenly remembered that my brother is a person with chronic eczema in his body. He has suffered from eczema since he was sixteen years old and his eczema was considered severe.  After reading a lot of Chinese and Western medicine, there is no particularly great improvement.  He had eczema on his face, cavity, back, forearm, and both inside and outside of his calf.

So I helped him adjusting his Energy and it has been about six months now.  At present, his condition has greatly improved.
In the past, whenever the weather changed, the face was very dry and itchy, and it was necessary to apply steroid ointments frequently. After the breath has been significantly improved, it is no longer necessary to apply steroid ointments.
The eczema in the cavity and the top is half better, and the eczema shrinks a lot. The eczema on the forearm and feet has disappeared, but there is still a small Xu in the left foot.  Maybe he suffered from eczema for too long, it will take a long time to heal, and he will continue to work hard to help him adjust his breath.
He said that if Sister Coco came to Hong Kong next year, he would definitely go to the chakra released
Thank you very much to Sister Coco, President Andy, and volunteers

Testimony from Clare Hurrell , Brisbane, Australia

When I was introduced to Zi Zai Dong Zen Association by Angela, one of the many volunteers, I was initially intrigued to find out more,  but also tentative at the same time, however since my first visit I have never regretted my decision to be a part of this welcoming group. 

I have seen real benefits personally and for friends and family who have made the decision to attend their healing sessions. I can’t recommend Zi Zai Dong Zen enough. It has improved my overall health and well-being, the positives that have come into my life since starting this journey has been wonderful.

I would recommend anyone who is looking to improve their overall well-being to give Zi Zai Dong Zen a visit, the wonderful volunteers are so friendly and they do not charge for any of the sessions that you have,  it is free, it is worth just taking that first step to go to one of their session just to see what they do, it is a very relaxed environment with so much positive energy.

Thank you Zi Zai Dong Zen for all the good work you do in our communities.

Testimony from Ainsley McKenzie & Stewart McKenzie, Brisbane, Australia

My husband Stewart and I wanted to write to you to share our experiences with Qi healing and to share the benefits that we have personally experienced.

For my part, I really would highly recommend giving Qi healing a try.
Just two sessions with Angela (Nee) helped me with releasing pain and tension from my back and my right arm.It was an immediate and noticeable difference. I also felt a noticeable lessening of stress and anxiety,and enjoyed a thoroughly good night’s sleep following my sessions.

I enjoyed a third session with Winnie (one of the other volunteer healers) and again felt a
noticeable improvement in overall wellbeing, and particularly a lessening of the arthritic pain I was experiencing in my hips and knees.

Overall, the Qi healing sessions left me feeling energised, clear minded and refreshed.
I had no preconceived ideas or expectations, thus was genuinely impressed and delighted by how effective the healing was. For people experiencing joint pain, anxiety, sleep disorders, stress and muscle discomfort, I would highly encourage them to try Qi healing as a genuine alternative to taking medication, or as an option to supplement conventional treatments and reduce the reliance on pills.

For my husband’s part, he felt that although Qi healing has been around for thousands of years,for him this was a totally fresh approach to improving his health and wellbeing, both physically and mentally.

Stewart’s session identified to him that negative energy can actually be replaced with positive energy, and through that process, arthritic pain, muscle aches and general weariness can be significantly reduced or even removed.

As someone who has worked in high-stress environments (he served 20 years in the Australian Army, worked in QLD Corrections as a prison warden at Wacol Maximum Security, and then worked as a Security Supervisor at Prince Charles Hospital) Stewart genuinely feels that access to the ongoing provision of Qi healing for staff within these, and indeed any of our public services (such as Police, Ambulance and Paramedic staff, nurses, etc.) is not only important, but vital in the reduction of reducing workplace stress, and treating conditions such as PSTD.

Overall our experiences have shown us that we all can carry negative energy, which can hold us back, and/or cause us pain or discomfort. Qi healing gave us clarity around the effects of positive energy. It is really worth doing, and approaching with an open mind.

Testimony from Angela Nee, Brisbane, Australia

I was initially introduce to practise Healing Energy utilising Universal Energy with a Non-Profit Group known as Zi Zai Dong Zen in July,2009.I found the practise very rewarding, not demanding, promote physical and mental awareness.

I was also fortunate to travel to Jarkata, Kuching(East Malaysia)and Taiwan in June 2010 with Coco and Andy Chen where we introduced Healing Energy to the local community, attracting more than 100 peoples in each country. Positive response and feedbacks was provided from all three countries as local community appreciate Healing Energy service provided by Zi Zai Dong Zen extremely rewarding.

I recommend the above Non-Profit organisation to anyone and wish them all the best.

Testimony from May Mei, Spore, Kuching, Malaysia

I’m May Mei from Spore. I live in Kuching. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude and appreciation to Fu Fah Jin Kan Fuo, Sze Jie (Coco), Sze Siong (Andy), sis Angela and sis Winnie from Brisbane, Australia, for their inspiration on Energy Healing (free to public). I would also like to thank my friend Lisa for posting in our Chat Group about this Qigong Energy Healing.

Without hesitation or second thought, I was there receiving the energy. The reason was because I was suffering from a frozen shoulder for few months and no doctor’s medication could heal my poor arm which I couldn’t lift up. It’s with much pain. After a few sessions of energy healing, I could move about 50%.  I was so happy at the time when I felt the warm energy penetrating through my body.

After the 3rd time receiving the energy – my Chakras were released by Sze Jie (Coco), and I was/am able to help do it on others with the guidance from Sze Jie, Sze Siong, Angela & Winnie – which makes me feel so happy helping others.  Now my body and palms are warm unlike the first time. I feel so wonderful that I can help others as well as helping myself. Now I feel so confident. Once again, thank you Sze Jie, Sze Siong, Angela n Winnie and most beloved FU FAH JIN KAN FUO. Thank you Jack for your assistance.

Testimony from Lucy Chua, Kuching, Malaysia

I am Lucy Chua from Kuching, Sarawak Malaysia. I would like to thank Lisa Lee for introducing me to Zi Zai Dong Zen Energy healing. My thanks also to Sie Jie Coco, Angela & the team members for your time & dedication so that others can get better.

I have been suffering from sinus problem since young & its getting from bad to worse due to my advance age. Sometimes i use nasal spray twice a day. After the 3rd healing my sinus is getting better, together i received 8 healings  & now I don’t need nasal spray. My nose is no longer block at night. 

My special thanks also to Jack Toh for his effort in finding the Shang Fatt T’ng venue & thanks also to all the volunteers.

Testimony from Winnie, Brisbane, Australia

My name is Winnie. I am a strong believer in meditation practising. I have been practicing meditation since 2008. Previously, I have been suffering from a chronic pain syndrome called Fibromyalgia. The doctor stated that I would be suffering from ongoing pain for 2-3 weeks; However, after 5 days of continuous meditation practice with Master Coco, the pain was gone.

  I have been ZZDZ association’s volunteer in 2008, whenever, I feel stressed, after meditation, I instantly start to feel more relaxed and peaceful.
I am grateful to have received the opportunity to be a part of ZZDZ association, learning and practising meditation and continue to learn and to help people. I would like more and more people to receive the same opportunity as I believe it will be beneficial to the community.

Testimony from Grace, Brisbane, Australia

I was diagnosed an early breast cancer in November 2011. After a breast cancer surgery in December 2011, I was recommended by a friend of mine to ZZDZ meditation centre. After meditation practice on me from CoCo and ZZDZ volunteers within two months, I noticed that I was in a quicker and better recovery.
I then started learning and self-practise meditation every day, which helped me coping very well with side effects from chemotherapy and radiotherapy at that time. My chemotherapy cycles reduced from six to four as a result. Also side effects such as: joints problem and sleep difficulty have relieved from practising meditation each day.
With the strong belief of meditation practice in speeding up my recovery, also with the hope of more and more people to benefit from the meditation, I became a volunteer in February 2012. I am so glad that now I can not only keep and improve my own health, but also can be a part of ZZDZ association to make contribution to our community.


Testimony from Fanny , Brisbane, Australia

I am Fanny, aged 58. I always had health issues since I was in my twenties. It got worst after giving birth to 2 children and managing workload in the office at the same time. To make everything worse, I was always worried, stressed and always looked at everything from a negative angle.


We came to Brisbane when my two children were at their teens. One day I had a severe vertigo. The doctor could not find anything wrong with me even after undertaking MRI and various other scans. Everything looked normal. Then I was introduced to ZZDZ meditation centre, where we could practise meditation to balance the energy in our body, which will consequently improve and increase our immune system.


I have been practising meditation everyday since then.  I found that I became a much healthier person both physically and mentally.  When I meditate, I calm myself down, reflect on what has happened during the day and improve myself to become a more positive person.  My vertigo disappeared after practising meditation.My husband also practised together with me from 2001. I believe that practising meditation not only benefits myself but it is also something that I can share with the community.
Fanny Tjoeng_img

Testimony from T. Hing Chi , lived in Jakarta-Indonesia

Through this opportunity I want to give my testimonial about the benefits of learning and practicing QI for health from ZZDZ for myself & society. I have known this QI healing from my sister 6 years ago. After I have known this healing method I felt my body has better immune system.

The most dramatic experience for me was the time in 2009 when I had stone in my kidney (I had bleeding when urinating & very painful around the hips). I went to hospital; doctor gave me a pain killer for temporary treatment. They asked me to do the laser surgery but after my sister knew I had that problem she asked me to practice the meditation more frequent and put my palm to the stomach where I felt sick, miraculously after around 14 days in a row keep doing periode, I felt that when I urinate I could felt the pieces of small stone coming out together with my urine. The following week I went to hospital to check my kidney, no need further treatment.

My sister always insisted myself to do further step which is trying to help other people by energy transferred.

All of our healing work is done in conjunction with God’s guidance and cooperation with the positive force of universal energy. I was taught to allow myself ego to step aside and let the universal energy flow naturally. I was also taught to see things from positive angle, remain free of our expectations and desires, stay open to receive the universal energy and love , honour and respect the person who is asking for healing.

So ,I started to join the group. My sister & her husband initiated to give free service for those who has problems with their health. With the kindness of Catholic Church she got the place to start the free service (picture attached).

One day in May 2012, my friend asked me to help his mum. Her age is around late 60 (picture attached) She has problem with her legs and most importantly with her brain. According to her doctor in Penang her brain has too much water and need to be cured soon. When the first time I met her she said she can’t walk too far, her legs were weak. It was 10 days before she has to go to Penang to do her brain surgery.

So everyday in 10 days I went to visit her to do transferred energy for her. After a few days of doing it she felt her legs were stronger & can walk longer but the most amazing news is according to her doctor she does not need to do brain surgery because her brain’s health has improved significantly.

This is becoming one of my sweetest experience in my live, we can help someone’s health moreover some one’s life.
Those are two dramatic experiences that I want to share and I put it as my testimonial for ZZDZ.

ZZDZ in Jakarta has done a lot of good things because ZZDZ not only influencing people to do meditation for their own sake but also teaching them how to become a good person in their family & society cause the more we can put aside our ego & think positive then the positive energy will flow naturally through our body and the healings that can occur are far beyond what we would normally possible.

My opinion the essence of ZZDZ’s practice is improving our character to create better health, better family live and better society. Life is full of illness, disease is illness, family dispute is illness, social unrest is illness therefore to cure those illness we need guidance like ZZDZ.

I think that is all I can say about  ZZDZ based on my own experienced.