— In traditional Chinese culture, Chi (or Qi) is an active principle forming part of any living thing. It is frequently translated as “energy flow”. Chi is full of compassion and does not differentiate between people based on their religion, rank, or class in society.



— Chi Gong, (or Qi Gong), refers to a wide variety of traditional cultivation practices that involve methods of accumulating, circulating, and working with Chi, breath, or energy within the body.



— Chi is a positive energy and it enables you to improve your immune system. You cannot rely solely on Chi to cure your disease – you will still need to see a doctor. Having positive thinking and maintaining a healthy lifestyle (combined with medical treatment), will improve the recovery process.



— If you are currently doing other Qi Gong or Dong Gong type practice, then you need to stop. Other practices combined with Zi Zai Dong Zen’s Chi Gong will create an imbalance in your body and you may feel uncomfortable.



— When you receive Chi Gong, sit in front of the Chi Practitioner with your back facing him or her. Close your eyes, establish mindfulness, release all thoughts and relax. Believing in the power of chi will maximize the results.



 — Everyone’s body reacts differently when receiving Chi. Some people may laugh, cry, vomit, cough or burp. Do not withhold these reactions. This is a normal process of releasing negative energy from your body.



— Afterwards drink plenty of water to improve your metabolism and flush your negative Chi away. Let your Practitioner know if you are feeling dizzy or nauseous. They will fix this problem.



How To Self Practice Qi Gong:


— Practice Qi Gong with an open and peaceful mind. Do not seek any supernatural power.



— Seven major chakras or energy centres exist within our body. Qi goes in and out of your body through these chakras.



— Before you start your practice, take a deep breath, inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth (Repeat three times). The same applies at the end of your practice.



— Dissolve away your greed, anger, hatred and all other afflictive emotions. Be aware of the Law of Cause and Effect. This will allow more Qi to enter your body and release the negative Qi out of your body.



— This practice can be done anywhere and anytime. You can practice this while standing, sitting or lying down. You many even feel like you are falling asleep while you are practicing. This is normal and Qi will enter your body.



— People will react differently when practicing Qi Gong. Some may move from left to right, some may have rotational movements. This is called “Qi Dong”. Others may have no movements. You need to be in a stage of consciousness. Ignore any images that arise. 



— “Ling Dong” is an extension from “Qi Dong”. This can be achieved when your chakras are released. Practicing “Ling Dong” gives you the ability to heal, both yourself and others.




— Practice “Qi Gong” at least once per day to improve your health, mind, body and soul.