Q & A


Q: What is Qi?

A: Qi is a kind of energy field. Everyone has it, just positive and negative.



Q: What is positive energy?

A: It is from universal energy produced by God, just like the air we breath.



Q: What is negative energy?

A: It is a negative magnetic field, such as greed, anger, hatred and all other afflictive emotions.



Q: What is Qi Gong?

A: Qi Gong is a kind of energy form build up energy field through inhaling and exhaling.



Q: What is Zi Zai Dong Zen’s Qi Gong?

A: It is to balance and improve body, mind and soul. It is a static Qi Gong.



Q: What is energy healing?

A: Energy healing adjusts our health through receiving positive energy from the universe. This energy is full of love and compassion and enables us to become healthier, happier and wiser.



Q: What are the benefits from practising Zi Zai Dong Zen’s Qi Gong?

A: Healthier, happier and wiser.



Q: Is there any charge?

A: As we are a registered charity, it is free of charge.



Q: Will I be hurt from practising your Qi Gong?

A: No, you won’t because it will release the negative  energy in your body when you receive the universal energy.



Q: How long will the energy be kept after energy healing practice each time?

A: Energy can be kept for 6 hours after energy healing practice each time. 



Q: How can I learn your Qi Gong?

A: Our association is a registered charity, We don’t have discrimination or dualistic perception. We welcome whoever wants to learn our Qi Gong  regardless their religious, race and class etc.



Q: Is your Qi Gong hard to learn?

A: It is easy to learn and you can share with others.



Q: Will I receive the practitioner’s or other people’s negative energy during energy healing?

A: No, you won’t because the negative energy has been discharged through the soles of your feet.